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Recommended crane weight

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Series BO

Clamshell Buckets for handling different materials.
100/400 lt
300/700 kg
2/7 t

Series BOA

Clamshell bucket for maintenance of green areas.
100/400 lt
300/700 kg
2/7 t

Series BOS CL.12/22

Bucket for loading for earthmoving machines.
33/66 lt
200 kg
1,5 t

Series BSG

Grab bucket for building and demolitions.
100/400 lt
300/700 kg
2/7 t

Series BECE

Clamshell buckets for recycling and grain handling.
800/1200 lt
10/12 t

Series BIVA

Clamshell buckets with horizontal cylinder.
100/400 lt
300/700 kg
2/7 t

Tizmar clamshell buckets

Our clamshell buckets are produced internally in our company, using high-strength steels for the structure and HB400 / 450 steels for the parts subject to wear. This guarantees reliable performance over time and therefore an average life of 20 years without interventions, in addition to ordinary maintenance. We have developed buckets with specific profiles to facilitate the penetration of any type of material. The wear resistance of our buckets is ensured even in very abrasive soils and in extreme working conditions.

Manufacturing features of clamshell buckets

The carpentry and structural groups of all our buckets are made with high strength steels and parts subject to wear with HB400 /450, the hydraulic cylinders are suitable for working at high operating pressures, guaranteeing reliable performance over time. Pins and bushings are made with steels with heat-hardening treatment to ensure long life, even with poor lubrication and under severe conditions.

Assembly of clamshell buckets

Our clamshell buckets have an easy mounting system and are designed to be mounted on fixed cranes, truck cranes, forestry cranes, earthmoving machines, forestry loaders, wheeled excavators and mining excavators.

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