Maximum load volume

Recommended crane weight

Recommended excavator weight


Series FO/FOH

Fork for agricultural work.
130/290 lt
300/600 kg
2,5/4 t

Series FM

Multipurpose fork for mini-excavators.
200/500 kg
2/5 t

Series FLA

Fork for firewood.
250/600 lt
400/1000 kg
2/12 t

Tizmar forks

Designed for the lifting, handling and positioning of various materials, our forks are reliable and efficient for any type of load. For almost 40 years we internally produce the best forks for your work. The production cycle takes place for 95% in our headquarter. It’ starts from the accurate choice of  materials and from trusted suppliers. Our experienced staff does the rest, building clamshell buckets with an average life of 20 years that don’t require any other intervention than regular maintenance. Our hydraulic and mechanical forks are traditional equipment for agricultural and industrial forks, for the handling of organic materials, pallets, for the recycling and for the gardening. Versatile and easy to manipulate, our forks are equipped with different combinations of teeth to allow maximum control during the operation of  loading and unloading of materials.

The assembly of the forks

Our forks are equipped with an easier mounting system and they are suitable to be mounted on: truck crane, mini-crane, manure loading machines, earthmoving machines, operating machines, tractors, excavators, agricultural loaders and mini excavators.

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